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Bringing the Innovative Power of
Blockchain Technology to the 
United States Prison System

CellBlocks is a 21st century solution to the unregulated
and untraceable prison economies plaguing our state
and federal correctional institutions.

CellBlocks Coin Info

Coin Name

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Max Supply

250,000,000 CBLK



A reliable and secure "banking" system for inmates to reduce theft and extortion.

For the first time, administrations can follow money as it moves from inmate to inmate.

A percentage of every transaction completed by inmates goes back to the prison.

What is CellBlocks?

CellBlocks is one of the most unique forms of cryptocurrency available, not because of what it is but how it is used. CellBlocks was created to help make financial transactions between inmates become more accurate and more uniform. CellBlocks is the only decentralized cryptocurrency to make its way to the United States prison system. Because of how the cryptocurrency is used, transactions are much smoother and easier to monitor and a detailed record of each transaction is created and stored within the public blockchain.

Because of our functionality, we believe CellBlocks has the capability of becoming the first and only digital currency used in the United States prison system. As a decentralized currency, CellBlocks provides inmates with an accurate and efficient way to handle their financial affairs. Since the system is a completely virtual network, no actual currency changes hands and inmates can control their digital wallet from almost any electronic device they have access to or through a CellBlocks kiosk in the prison.




CellBlocks’ mission is to become fully functional within the prison’s financial network, allowing inmates to receive and use this new form of currency without worrying about delays, unexpected fees, inaccuracies or having those funds stolen by other inmates. The inmates have immediate access to their funds and are able to transfer their tokens to other inmates.

Our Mission

State Prisons in America



hold over 1.7 million inmates as of January 2017. These inmates have to rely on the same system that put them in prison to hold their money.

Federal Prisons in America



hold over 300,000 inmates as of January 2017. These prisons have never had access to see the money flow from inmate to inmate.

A Solution to an Outdated Problem


Over 2 million inmates housed in the United States prisons make daily purchases with an outdated financial system that has not always worked as designed.  The current system has problems such as:

- Delayed timing of payments
- Theft by prison staff
- No ability to track some incoming payments
- Very high fees charged for payments

was developed as an effective alternative to a failing financial network. State and federal administrations, as well as inmates, need a payment system that is secure, fast, and efficient. The CellBlocks system will help regulate prison economies in a trackable way while also providing prisoners with the knowledge that their funds are 100% secure from any type of theft.


Revolutionizing Prison Payments

Our system will take a slow, outdated, untrusted system and rehabilitate it into a real-time, digital, tamper-proof system.

  • Transparent System: 
    Prison administrators can see the flow of transactions through their prison walls.


  • Real-time Transactions:
    Transactions are completed in seconds rather than days or weeks.


  • 100% Safe and Secure: 
    CellBlocks can’t be stolen by other inmates.


  • Reducing Violence in Prison:
    Through decentralization, assets in prisons will shift to digital assets, reducing violence.


  • Labor Reduction: 
    Save prisons hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in manual labor.


  • Inmate Package-Delivery Services:
    Digital payments speed up delivery time to inmates by 83%.