Our Team

Jonas Brown

Jonas is the founding pioneer of introducing cryptocurrency technology to the US prison system.  Jonas has a strong back-round in finance and brings years of experience in crypto to the team.

Sukhen Bar


Sukhen is the CTO working on the infrastructure, database management, security and design/coding of the CellBlocks network.

Maria Alfano CPA


Maria is a CPA and forensic accountant currently with Ernst and Young. Maria has years of experience in financial accounting and audits.

Robert Tucker

Prison Communications

Robert is a 5 year veteran in the Florida State Prison System. Robert's mission is to help bring CellBlocks into the State Prisons.

Our Advisors

Edward Scott Bales

CEO - Justice Solutions of America, Inc.

Mr. Bales is one of the pioneers of the Federal & State Prison Consulting and Advocacy Industry.

David Ramirez

Blockchain and Smart Contract Developer

David is a solidity smart contract developer and computer science teaching assistant at Oregon State University. David has extensive experience in smart contract functionality.

Peter Borenstein

Attorney​ and Founder Restorative Justice Fund

Peter is a California based attorney who helps incarcerated people protect and manage their assets while in prison. He also helps them recover their property when it has been stolen from them as a result of their long-term incarceration.

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